All about Andrea

Hello I'm Andrea Juarez, an elite credit repair specialist, army veteran and the owner of Credit Slay: The Blueprint. My mission is to target those in need of credit repair services by assisting them with my professional credit repair skillset which will offer them a chance to live a fulfilling life. I also help clients purchase their dream homes or to just simply achieve financial freedom. I cater to everyone including young adults trying to grasp the basics of establishing credit, couples, families, businesses and much more!

Credit Repair Packages

Enrollment and Monthly Fee

***REQUIRED for anyone who pays for monthly credit repair services***

Enrollment includes your FIRST month of credit repair, and review of your credit analysis.


Please note, an account CAN be modified, updated, or deleted per FCRA standards. AMJ Professionals DOES NOT guarantee results, nor do we control the CREDIT BUREAUS. Results may vary from person to person.  

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